Direct Line Feed for Aerospace Fasteners and Hardware

There are very sound business reasons to consider implementing a Direct Line Feed (DLF) process onto your production line and huge benefits to be had should you choose to do so.

Swift Aerospace provide a DLF process that ensures your production personnel get the right parts, when they need them and in the right quality and quantity. Using the very latest stock management technology and processes, Swift Aerospace will ‘feed’ the required parts direct to locations on your production line. We can even do it through a consignment arrangement. Fluctuations in your build rates should not be an obstacle to improve productivity and financial performance. We take care of the line monitoring and supply chain activities for your aerospace fasteners and hardware needs..

Swift Aerospace can offer you partial to full hands-off DLF parts management system. The DLF solution you choose will be tailored to your exact needs and will eliminate your stock-holding cost. Reduction in inventory costs, line productivity improvement, reduced cycle time and increased financial performance are only a few of the benefits resulting from a DLF solution offered by Swift Aerospace.

We develop and implement bespoke Direct Line Feed solutions that suit your needs.